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The holidays are an incredibly busy time for everyone! It is a time where families come together. Parking spaces at the mall are fought over, presents must be wrapped and hours are spent preparing extravagant meals in the kitchen. And of course, time with Santa at the mall is sold at a premium. With as busy as the season gets, who has time to untangle old burnt out Christmas or Hanukkah lights in hopes of creating a winter wonderland? This is where the specialty interior and exterior design of Holiday Lighting comes into play!



Create an image that your customers will remember for seasons to come! Holiday Lighting is an inventive yet economical way to create a lasting impression that will further brand your business and help it stand out from its competitors. Holiday Lighting is a privately owned Holiday Lighting service that serves all areas of Los Angeles County and Ventura County. We specialize in all types of commercial lighting installations such as: Christmas Lighting, Hanukkah Lighting, weddings and special events.




Lights can be the “Wow” factor in your special event. If you need wedding lighting, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs lighting, or even a special Birthday Party lighting our professional team of designers give your special event that polished professional look. We understand that your big day only comes once, if it’s a fund raiser gala, wedding, or a special party we have a solution that won’t break the bank. Your guest will be talking about your event long after it’s over. Those important moments in your life should be remembered not only as fun, but beautiful. Making events beautiful is our specialty. So your only thought is how much fun your event is going to be. 


With a very short Holiday Season it helps us if we are very efficient, we feel if you can help us with that we would like to help you with your wallet by extending to you a discount on our services. 

If you have your installation date before November 9th we will offer you a discount. 

Our goal is to serve you in the most efficient way possible so by booking early you will save money.